Rebate Guidelines & Application

After reading the information and guidelines below, you may complete our application. When you're finished with the application, print, sign and attach the appropriate documentation, then mail your form to our rebate processing team at the address listed below.


Scan your completed and signed application, your receipts, and other appropriate documentation, and email your document package to the Anaheim Public Utilities Home Incentives Program Project Manager.

Application Process Overview

After purchasing a qualifying Energy Star®-rated appliance, other qualifying appliance or eligible conservation measure, please follow the steps below:
  1. Complete, print out and sign an online application.
  2. Attach the following*:
    • A copy of a recent Anaheim Public Utilities bill
    • Original, paid sales receipts or invoices, which must include the product’s brand name, the manufacturer model number, the purchase price and date, and, if available, the product’s efficiency information
  3. Mail the entire application package to:
    Anaheim Public Utilities - Home Incentive Program
    201 S. Anaheim Blvd., Suite 801
    Anaheim, CA 92805
    Or, email your entire scanned and signed application package.
  4. An Anaheim Public Utilities representative may call to schedule a physical inspection of your installed appliance or conservation measure prior to issuing a rebate.
  5. You must keep your inspection appointment to ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner. If you need to reschedule, please contact Anaheim Public Utilities at 714-765-4250.
  6. Rebate checks are normally mailed within 30 days from the date of approval.
*If you are applying for Energy Star-certified window rebates, you must also include a window incentive worksheet (PDF) (completed by your contractor) and the stickers that display the actual ultraviolet (UV) value and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). Both values must be 0.40 or less.

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Home Incentive Program Guidelines

It is very important that you carefully read the customer information guidelines listed below. By accessing, completing and then signing the application form, you are indicating that you have read and that you understand and agree to the following:
  • A maximum of 1 appliance per category is allowed, unless the customer receives prior approval from Anaheim Public Utilities. After 5 years from date of original purchase, customers may apply for a second Energy Star Refrigerator and/or Dishwasher.
  • Anaheim Public Utilities does not warrant, endorse or assume liability for the quality, performance or safety of the contractor, and/or retailer or wholesaler. Performance of any product and acceptance of materials used is solely the customer’s responsibility.
  • Applicant agrees that any incentive may be credited toward any delinquent (as currently defined in the Rates, Rules and Regulations for the City of Anaheim) utility bill(s) for which the customer is responsible whether the account(s) is open or closed.
  • Applicant must receive electric service from Anaheim Public Utilities.
  • Applicant understands and agrees that Anaheim Public Utilities or its representative may inspect the installed product before the incentive is paid.
  • Applicant understands that Anaheim Public Utilities may withhold payment of incentive until all of the conditions listed above are met.
  • Applications must be submitted within 1 year of purchase.
  • Customer is responsible for meeting all program guidelines and, prior to installation, the customer is responsible for checking with state, county and/or city governments and homeowner’s associations (if any) in the area regarding local:
    • Codes
    • Conditions
    • Ordinances
    • Restrictions
    • Rules and regulations
  • Customers who purchase their qualifying rebate measure(s) through the Internet must provide original packing slips with the rebate application.
  • Incentives are limited to residential customers for residential use. The appliance(s) must be installed in a:
    • Apartment
    • Condominium
    • Mobile home
    • Single-family home
    The structure must be permanently located within the Anaheim Public Utilities service area. The dwelling must be fully constructed and occupied (no new construction).
  • Note that insufficient or incorrect data may delay your rebate check.
  • The incentive offer is on a first-come, first-serve basis and is effective until funding is expended or the program is discontinued by Anaheim Public Utilities.

More Information

Visit the Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR® website for more information.

Application Assistance

For assistance with your application, or for more information on qualifying criteria or the status of your rebate application, please call our rebate processing team at 714-765-4250, which is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding holidays.