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With the theme parks of the Disneyland Resort, the Anaheim Convention Center and hotels, shops and restaurants, there's a lot going on in The Anaheim Resort.

In a typical year, we see more than 25 million visitors to The Anaheim Resort, while more than 30,000 people work at businesses in the area.

And it's still growing! There's more than $1.5 billion in recent or planned development in and around the resort.

That's why we're working on new ideas to make it easier for residents, employees and visitors to get around.

The Anaheim Resort Mobility Toolbox will look at new forms of transportation, better wayfinding signs and other ways to improve mobility in and around the resort.

The Anaheim Resort Mobility Toolbox helps set the stage for how we get around The Anaheim Resort for years to come!

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Project Area Map

Project Area Map


Rafael Cobian, city traffic engineer

(714) 765-4991

Linda Johnson, principal planner